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New York, NY

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A Preschool Nation is a country that stands together with one unified voice to proclaim:
All children deserve high-quality early learning opportunities.

LAUP was proud to present the country’s first Preschool Nation Summit on August 5, 2014, co-hosted by Scholastic. The Preschool Nation Summit, held in NYC, united leaders and stakeholders both inside and outside the field of early education, highlighted major successes of investments in early education, and reinforced the sustained need for expanding quality early learning to uplift children, families and communities throughout our nation.



Born in New York City on May 8, 1961, Bill de Blasio entered politics in 1989 to work on David Dinkins' New York City mayoral campaign. He later managed Hillary Clinton's 2000 campaign for the U.S. Senate. In 2009, he won New York City's public advocate position. In 2013, under a platform that reflected his liberal Democratic values, de Blasio won the race for the New York City mayorship.

In 2013, de Blasio ran for the mayorship of New York City. A liberal Demo- crat, de Blasio's campaign portrayed New York as a "tale of two cities"—one rich and prosperous, the other poor and neglected—under mayor Michael Bloomberg. His platform advocated for taxing the rich to finance pre-kindergarten programs. On Tuesday, November 5, 2013, de Blasio beat Republican Joe Lhota to become New York City's 109th mayor—as well as the first democratic mayor New York has seen in 20 years. His victory was heralded as a "landslide."


What is the State of Preschool in the Nation Now?

This panel will examine the status of early education in this country by highlighting quality programs that are making a difference for children and families, identifying early education funding sources, and discussing what additional steps must be taken to improve access to quality preschool.

Moderator: Rehema Ellis, Education Correspondent, NBC News

Preschool: It’s Not Just for Kids

Innovative alliances will be needed to advance the national early education movement. This panel will showcase leaders representing business, law enforcement, and national security, who will discuss their unique work in early education. Together, we will strategize ways to get more partners to join our cause.

Moderator: Margery Mayer, Executive Vice President and President, Scholastic Education

Early Learning: Beyond the Classroom

Experts with diverse perspectives will address how to push the early learning agenda forward. Non-profit, policy and advocacy leaders will discuss next steps for raising awareness about the importance of early learning and ensuring that every child has access to quality early education opportunities.

Moderator: Sarah Garland, Executive Editor, Hechinger Report