The reason for owning a flashlight has now changed. Today, you can use a flashlight to send an SOS signal in case of an emergency, to blind an attacker and make your escape, or even for teasing somebody with it. While the market is full of flashlight brands, it is highly unlikely that you know of most of them. This article aims to correct that by providing a list of the top flashlight brands.

1. AE Powerlight

AE Powerlight is a leading innovator of High-Performance Portable Lighting as well as HID Electronic ballasts. Their portable lighting and ballasts are used in various high demand applications where quality and performance are an important consideration. AE Powerlight manufactures flashlights for durability and efficiency. HID Handheld Searchlights from AE Powerlight are designed for use in law enforcement, search and rescue, and security. However, you can still use them for recreational purposes.

2. Fenix

Fenix gets its name from the word “Phoenix,” which means “perfect thing” in Chinese. According to Chinese culture, a Phoenix is blessed, lucky, and perfect. Fenix has tried creating perfect flashlights since it was founded. Fenix is a brand with a commitment to innovation and has started getting people’s attention. Fenix has quickly become a leading LED flashlight brand through innovation and invention.

3. Surefire

Surefire was established back in 1969 with an idea of using lasers for various industrial applications. In 1979, the company designed then patented a firearm laser sight, which led to the development of weapon-mounted flashlights. Surefire proceeded to establish itself as a top manufacturer of powerful, rugged, and compact tools for illumination and tactical applications.

4. Wolf Eyes

Wolf’s eye is a brand that specializes in the manufacture of tactical flashlights. Wolf Eyes aims to manufacture the best tactical flashlight the world has ever seen. Flashlights from this company are highly reliable, and many are rechargeable with brightness comparable to other popular non-rechargeable flashlights.

5. 4Sevens

4Sevens is a brand that started manufacturing flashlights a few short years ago and has quickly become a reliable source of inexpensive but high-quality flashlights. 4Sevens is often on the cutting edge of flashlight technology. The brand invests time, research, and resources to provide their clients with the latest circuitry, LEDs, and features.

6. Nitecore

Nitecore was established back in 2007 after identification of a niche for small, robust multimode flashlights. Nitecore wanted to manufacture flashlights that incorporate practicality, creativity, and perfection. Products from Nitecore are manufactured to high standards.

7. Streamlight

Streamlight is a brand that learns through doing to help them better understand the needs of their customers. The company uses its lighting tools outdoors. They take low-light shooting courses and go through firefighter training. Streamlight believes that it is only hands-on, real world experience that can lead them to innovations and ideas that set the brand apart.

8. Eagle Tac

Eagle Tac is an Arizona-based brand that leads in the design and production of special tactical flashlights. Eagle Tac’s flashlights are used in law enforcement and for search and rescue operations. Flashlights from the brand have innovative features such as electronic output regulation for high output consistently as well as very efficient brightness control.

9. Pelican

Pelican started manufacturing high-quality dive lights back in 1974. Today, the company is a leading manufacturer of advanced lighting systems globally. The brand is dedicated to the continued improvement of its product line.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a quality flashlight to buy check her first whether for professional or recreational purposes, you can be sure that you will find it among the nine brands discussed here. So, find a brand that you like then buy the best flashlight for your needs.