No person enjoys insect infestations in their homes. It does not matter whether the insect is a cockroach running across the kitchen floor or a silverfish crawling in the shower – no person wants a bug in their home. Not only are insects horrible to look at or deal with, but they can also be quite dangerous to an individual’s health. Bites from certain animals can place you at risk of serious conditions, such as Lyme disease or encephalitis, yet another reason to check out the best mosquito zapper 2018 has to offer.

So, how do you avoid having to manage this bug problem? The majority of people will opt for common bug repellents sold at the local supermarket. While these products can be beneficial in removing the pests, they have numerous detrimental side effects for you and your family. Research has found that many of these chemical bug repellents contribute to asthma attacks, nerve damage, and even developmental problems in children. Fortunately, there are various natural methods available to kill insects in the home. This article will provide information on the best way to rid your house of bugs without using chemicals.

1. Cleaning The Gutters

The first method to removing insects from home is to clean the house’s gutters. This is particularly beneficial when removing mosquitoes because mosquitoes typically breed in water, even small amounts of water. To prevent your garden from promoting the reproduction of this insect, it is recommended that you regularly clear out the gutters; as well as drilling holes in the bottom of trash containers to remove the chance of water pooling in this area.


2. Hanging Rosemary Bouquets

Rosemary is considered a highly beneficial herb to improve memory, but it can also contribute to the removal of insects in the home. By hanging fresh rosemary throughout the house and near potential nesting sites, it is possible to prevent insects (particularly wasps) from entering the building. It should be noted that while you may not want a wasp buzzing about your home, it is recommended that you leave a wasp alone if they are not bothering anyone. In fact, wasps can be useful to prevent any outdoor pests from entering a property, and they can assist in pollinating flowers.

3. Exploring Your Armpits

This may seem an odd means of killing an insect in your home, but exploring your armpits is important if you have previously dealt with ticks; for example, your indoor pet had ticks. According to research in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, ticks can attach to the body in any area, but they prefer constricted places like armpits. Performing regular tick checks within 36 hours of spending time in the garden will reduce the chance of contracting Lyme disease.  For more on killing these type of insects check out and their guide.

4. Sprinkling Cinnamon

Ants are the most common type of insect to infest a garden and a home, but there are natural ways of killing them or preventing their appearance. One of these organic methods is sprinkling cinnamon throughout the property. Ants do not enjoy the taste of cinnamon and will move away from this herb; therefore, it makes sense to place cinnamon at any entrance to the home.

5. Leave The Insect Alone

Believe it or not, not all bugs are detrimental to you and your property’s health. The majority of centipedes and spiders enjoy eating household pests including termites, cockroaches, flies, silverfish, and clothes moths. Research conducted at the University of Maine indicated that there are more than 97% of insect species that are useful for maintaining a healthy household. This means that spiders may be creepy, but they are good insects.